This is a Planning Page for the Paul the librarian. Don’t forget the discussion page attached above. We can discuss things on there before putting them on here. This page can be edited by any member.

What we know so far

I’m working on Paul(Temp name). Paul is a librarian. He wants no contact with his father (a business owner with several political and mob ties….and debts maybe). Paul wanted nothing to do with the family business (not sure what it is yet). His decision to take a full time evening job at the library didn’t sit well with daddy.

He’s pretty sure that some of the library customers/patrons (whats the right term here?) are actually daddy’s people checking up on him. Lately, Paul has been short on cash, so he’s pulling extra hours at the library after closing… clean-up, security, whatever.

Hmmmm… maybe he wants to be a writer…

Don’t really have much more yet….working on it.

OK, Paul seems more suited to Vampire or Mage, but daddy’s business could always be something that endangers the Wolves in the Rockies.

Some new thoughts… Paul’s father, the business man/mafia dude might be a ghoul of some powerful vampire. Vince (Paul’s dad) is trying to keep tabs on Paul, if for no other reason than to keep his enemies from using Paul to get at him. He arranges for Paul to get transferred down to the super old, huge library downtown where his business partner (the vampire) keeps several people on his payroll for some strange reason. This way, Vince can keep better tabs on Paul. Paul, for his part, loves the new library, except for all the weirdos that hang around there at night. Unknown to either of them, the big library is one of the city’s few Elysium. As a favor, Vince’s partner offered to get more people in there for security purposes. He chose Paul as one of those people so he could keep an eye on him in case he ever needed to use him as leverage against Vince.


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