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Shadows Over the Rockies is written to be a pair of World of Darkness chronicles that are to be played like two concurrent running television series.

One series, Denver by Night (This title will change), concentrates on Vampires. It kicks off during the rebuild of their society and the power vacuum left in the wake of the recent Kindred/Forsaken war and the uprising of the Anarchs.

The other, Forsaken Land (again, title will change), concentrates on Werewolves. It kicks off while the Garou regroup after the recent war with the Kindred of Denver, the attacks of the Black Spirals, and the near decimation of the Garou at the hands of Gurdilag and his minions. The wiki for this part of the chronicle can be found here.

Three mini-series will introduce our protagonists. Mini-Series one, Mortals, is meant to explore the back stories of each character. Mini-Series two, Preludes, is supposed to actually be the beginning of our characters’ stories. Mini-Series three, Embraced/Changes, will be….well, if you are familiar with White Wolf’s World of Darkness then you already know what these were about. If you aren’t, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Home Page

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